Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Olympic Badminton Champions

Badminton is a sport contested at the Summer time Olympic Games. Badminton was first held as a demonstration sport at the 1972 Summer time Olympic games, and was a exhibition sport at the 1988 Summer time Olympics; the men's and women's singles and doubles have been held at every Summer time Olympic games since the 1992 Summer time Olympic games. The mixed doubles badminton tournament started in the 1996 Summer time Olympic games. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) ratings are used to determine the certification of the gamers for the competition. In the 2008 Summer time Olympics, each single men and women competition had 38 rivals, while each increases competition had 16 couples. All gamers or couples from the top 16 locations on the BWF ratings instantly meet the requirements, although each National Olympic Panel (NOC) can deliver less than three gamers or couples in each competition. 

The top 64 then meet the requirements with the warning that each NOC can deliver only two players/pairs from that portion of the list. Players and couples rated below the 64th place only meet the requirements if they are the highest-ranked adversary from their country. Two locations each in the womens and males single men and women will be determined by the Worldwide Olympic Panel (IOC) Tripartite Commission. The coordinator country, if it has not already certified two rivals, gets at least either two single men and women gamers or one pair. The guidelines used in the competition are the same as the BWF guidelines. Gao Ling is the all-time leader for the most Olympic awards in badminton, with two precious metal, one precious metal, and one bronze; Kim Dong-moon (two precious metal, one bronze) and Gil Young-ah (one of each) are second for the most awards in badminton, each with three. Gao, Kim, and Zhang Jun are the all-time management for the most precious metal honor is the winner, with two. 

 In the 1992 Summer time Olympics, Jalani and Razif Sidek were the first Malaysian Olympic medalists since Malaysia first taken part the 1964 Summer time Olympics. Mia Audina won her first precious metal in the 1996 Olympics comprising Philippines, but won her second precious metal in the 2004 Summer time Olympics with the Holland.  In the 2000 Summer time Olympics, Chinese suppliers taken the womens increases competition, successful all three awards, making it the only brush in Olympic badminton history. Chinese suppliers has been the most successful country in badminton, successful 30 medals; 23 of them were from the womens single men and women and increases and combined increases tourneys. Philippines (18 medals) and South South korea (17 medals) are the only other countries to have more than five awards. As of the 2008 Summer time Olympics, 76 awards (24 precious metal, 24 precious metal, and 28 bronze) have been granted to 96 sports sportsmen from 7 NOCs. There were four additional brown honor victors in the 1992 Summer time Olympics because no brown honor suits were performed in any of the four tournaments.

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